| “Save Our North End Waterfront” Volunteers Sign Up for Lewis Wharf Hotel Opposition, July 30, 2015-- Over one hundred North End Waterfront residents gathered at the Pilot House to voice their opposition to and organize against the proposed Lewis Wharf Hotel development. “Save Our North End Waterfront,” a community opposition group, organized the meeting as an important step for residents to learn about the process and sign up for volunteer activities.

Core neighborhood activists committed to knocking on doors throughout August and September to encourage families, residents, and businesses to take prompt and proactive action as a community to save the neighborhood from a new large-scale development. Other volunteer activities will include putting up window signs, distributing flyers, and attending future meetings and events.

“This development would negatively impact our community and our historic Boston Harbor,” said Barbara McNeil, a North End resident. “It would restrict waterfront access and eliminate the historic connection of the neighborhood to the Harbor.”

At the meeting, condominium residents represented several North End/Waterfront buildings from Lewis Wharf, Prince Building, Commercial Wharf, the Mariner, Union Wharf, Lincoln Wharf, Battery Wharf, Harbor Towers, in addition to other residents from various buildings in the North End.

The next “Save Our North End Waterfront” meeting is scheduled for September 23 at 6pm at the Nazzaro Center.

In addition to attending the September 23 meeting, organizers of “Save Our North End Waterfront” are encouraging residents to sign an online petition and sign up for email updates and volunteer opportunities.