Send DEP a letter Today

We need your help in showing our support for the recent draft policy issued by the State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regarding Lewis Wharf. DEP’s decision shows that the State will not allow developers to put private interests ahead of the public’s rights to access Commonwealth tidelands.  See Boston Globe coverage. In response to those findings, we need to take immediate action. The DEP has a 30 day open comment period in which they’re soliciting feedback on the Lewis Wharf policy recommendations. Please submit a comment letter no later than Friday, November 21st.   All comments should be sent to:   Ben Lynch, Program Chief Waterways Regulation Program Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection One Winter Street Boston, MA 02108   Below are some suggested points to make in your comment letter or email:  I commend DEP for this decision. It protects the rights of the Commonwealth while still allowing responsible developers to propose good projects.   I strongly support DEP’s proposed policy on historic pile fields and urge that it be promptly finalized. This proposed policy is an important step forward in preserving and protecting Boston Harbor. The proposed policy would stop the large luxury hotel at Lewis Wharf, thereby preserving important public tidelands for public and water-dependent uses. This is what the North End neighborhood needs and wants – not to be walled off from the waterfront. The policy wisely protects the rights of the Commonwealth and its citizens from property owners that neglect the waterfront or choose to ignore DEP and its authority to serve and protect the public.  The deteriorated pile remnants at Lewis Wharf are an eyesore and safety hazard and are unbuildable because they are almost completely submerged during high tide. DEP should order the Phillip DeNormandie owner to remove them from our public tidelands promptly. Thank you for your ongoing support. Please email if you have any additional questions