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    We are a group of neighbors from across the North End Waterfront coming together to save our neighborhood from a proposed large-scale development.

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    The neighborhood is ready, willing and able to work in support of a proposal that demonstrates sensitivity to our unique and historic waterfront neighborhood.

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    Join your fellow neighbors in voicing your opposition to the proposed Lewis Wharf Hotel project.

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    Boston Globe | These King Tides have taken over parts of downtown Boston

    Boston Globe, October 17, 2016 -- The scene was redolent of summer, at a time when many people are planning their Halloween costumes: unshod tourists dipping their toes into Boston Harbor near Long Wharf. The visitors could enjoy the rare unseasonable frolic because the highest tides of the year in Massachusetts rolled in Monday. Called King tides, they occur when the moon is closest to the Earth and the Earth is at its closest point in its orbit around the sun. The tides will remain through Wednesday.
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    Boston Globe | State Rejects Lewis Wharf Plan

    Boston Globe, September 22, 2016 -- State officials this week dealt a blow to a controversial hotel proposed for Lewis Wharf, signaling that there are limits to how far they will let Boston’s building boom surge up to, and beyond, the edge of the city’s waterfront. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Wednesday ruled that developers cannot build out onto wharves, piers, and pilings that sit below water at high tide. That will likely send a 277-room hotel planned for the edge of Lewis Wharf back to the drawing board.
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